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What is this website about?
You are on the official website of the company Winkle Voss Limited which offers investment service in the field of cryptocurrency mining.

What is Winkle Voss Limited involved in?
The company creates a powerful network of ASIC hardware for the development of cryptocurrency mining – Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Is Winkle Voss Limited officially registered company?
Correct, Winkle Voss Limited was officially registered in 2017 in United Kingdom. You can see the registration documents on our website or in the Catalog of the Royal Registrar - Companies House. The registration number of Winkle Voss Limited is 10845133.

How safe investments do you provide?
We offer cooperation with zero risk for you.

Can I lose money by investing in your company?
Loss of funds is not possible; we offer a cooperation strategy that does not involve risk.

Where is your company located?
Currently - Winkle Voss Limited has a registered office in 30, Childers Street, Deptford, London, SE8 5JR, UNITED KINGDOM.

Who can be your investor?
Anyone regardless of age, gender and country of residence can be investor of Winkle Voss Limited.

What do I need to become your investor?
To become investor you just need to have own unique Bitcoin/Litecoin/PerfectMoney/VisaCard/MasterCard/Payeer wallet and Minimum deposit of $50.

Do I need to send some documents or pass verification?
No, your use of investment service is anonymous.

How many accounts can I have?
You can register and use for investments and affiliate program only one personal account. In case of loss of access, contact the customer support service, and we will do our best to restore it.

What investment proposal Winkle Voss Limited has?
Winkle Voss Limited will bring you a profit of 10% to 12% Weekly for 20 weeks.

What payment system can I use?
Make a deposit and withdraw profits you can use Bitcoin/Litecoin/PerfectMoney/Visa/MasterCard/Payeer wallet.

What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit is $50.

What is the maximum deposit?
The maximum amount of each deposit is $2,000,000. If you want to increase the amount of investment, please make an additional deposit.

Describe briefly process of deposit adding.
To invest, go to the “Make deposit” section. Select the plans you want to invest into. In the “Amount, (10)” field, enter the amount of your deposit. The minimum amount is $50. If you already have some money on the balance sheet (for example, from the accrual of profit or partnership reward) and this amount is enough for investing, select “Spend from account balance”. If this is your first deposit, then by default you have selected the item “Spend from Bitcoin/Litecoin/PerfectMoney/Visa/MasterCard/Payeer wallet”. Click on the button “Spend”, and the system will redirect you to Bitcoin/Litecoin/PerfectMoney/Visa/MasterCard/Payeer payment gateway, follow the process to complete your deposit. In the cast of deposit using Bitcoin/Litecoin a wallet address will be displayed copy it to the clipboard. Then enter your Bitcoin wallet and send the desired amount to the address from the clipboard.

I have a wallet registered on Bitpesa, Luno, Coinbase, Blockchain etc. Can I make a deposit?
Yes, you can use any wallet, which is designed to send and receive Bitcoin/Litecoin.

How quickly my deposit will be credited?
Once you have sent a payment, deposit will be credited if it has from 3 to 6 confirmations of network. Typically, this process takes from a few minutes to one hour, but in rare cases the addition period can take up to 48 hours. Once your payment has been processed, you'll see it in the "Your deposits" section of your account.

When my first earnings will be accrued?
According to investment terms your income is accrued every week after the addition of deposit for 20 weeks. Your accruals will be displayed on your account balance.

I get a profit every calendar week, am I right?
Yeah, you are right.

How long will my deposit work?
You can become company investor for indefinite term: regardless of everything, your deposit will work and bring daily earnings. The investment proposal of Winkle Voss Limited assumes the accruals every week from the moment of adding the deposit. After the invested amount has appeared in your Deposits List, this money comes into our possession and you can no longer get it back.

When can I withdraw profits?
As soon as the amount of your balance will be equal to or greater than $5, you can make a request to withdraw profit.

What do I need to withdraw profit?
As soon as the amount of your balance will be equal to or greater than $5, you can make a request to withdraw profit. To do this, use “Withdraw" section. Enter the amount for withdrawal and make request. Do not forget to confirm it after the preparation.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
You can withdraw any amount that exceeds the $5.

How quickly will be processed my withdrawal request?
All payments are made manually and within a maximum period of 48 business hours. This means that after you made withdrawal request system will process it immediately and provide you with the Batch, a unique transaction code, which you can check using search bar on

Do you charge a fee for withdrawing funds?
Winkle Voss Limited has no fees for withdrawal of profits!

How can I reinvest profits?
To reinvest the profit you need to make a deposit directly from your balance. To do this, on the deposit creation page, select the "Deposit from account balance" option. The minimum amount to reinvest is $50.

How can I increase my deposit?
In no way. However, you can have several deposits at the same time - this number is not limited. However, please note that deposits are not combined, each still has its own terms.

How can I get my deposit back?
After the invested amount has appeared in your Deposits List, this money comes into our possession and you can no longer get it back.

When can I get my deposit back?
After the invested amount has appeared in your account, this money becomes a part of our turnover funds and you can no longer get it back. Instead, you are receiving daily profits.

Do you offer any affiliate program?
Yes, We have two affiliate program both for representative (10% - 3% - 1% commission) and general (7% - 2% - 1% commission). You can use three-tier affiliate program and earn 7% - 2% - 1% commission for every deposit of your referral depending on his level. For more information visit our "EXTRA CASH" page.

Do I need to have own deposit in order to receive a commission from referrals?
No, your own deposit is not required to earn 7% - 2% - 1% commission.
Yes, a minimum deposit of $1000 is required to earn 10% - 3% - 1% commission.

One of my referrals made a deposit from account balance but I did not receive affiliate commission!
We only pay affiliate commission for those deposits, which were made by your referral directly from his Bitcoin/Litecoin/PerfectMoney/Visa/MasterCard/Payeer wallet.

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